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Ski Gloves and Gloves for Other Activities

Warm gloves for outdoor winter use made by HEAD and Port Authority


The Right Gloves Make All the Difference

If you’ve gone skiing before, chances are you have learned one way or another that a good pair of ski gloves can make all the difference out there on the slopes. Far too many people have learned the hard way that the cheapest pair of ski gloves out there won’t stand up to the rigorous demands of a full day of skiing. So how can you pick the right pair of winter gloves? What are some of the most important features to look for? The answer isn’t a secret; simply consider what and how much materials were used in the construction of the glove.

Choosing Snow Ski Gloves

The first thing a consumer should do when shopping for gloves is to find out what the primary material is. Gloves that are constructed with cotton batting will not keep your fingers warm on for more than a few minutes on the slopes. Don’t be fooled by a fluffy appearance, if it isn’t filled with the right material, it will not protect your hands.

The best material to look for in ski glove construction is wool. Wool has been the number one material in winter gear for hundreds of years. The best ski gloves will likely have a wool thermal layer built inside making them comfortable against the skin and dense enough to keep the cold out. Once a pair of wool snow gloves is found, assess the outer material and construction to ensure that the glove itself has been properly constructed to last. With these simple guidelines you can find the perfect pair of ski gloves to ensure a perfect day in the snow.


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