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Women's Long Underwear, aka Long Johns

Get just the best long underwear so you can stay warm and comfortable. Choose from deluxe Merino Wool, Cotton, Polypropylene, and more!

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Womens Long Underwear

Long underwear (aka long johns) has been around since the beginning of civilization, but today it is primarily used on an as needed basis. For decades many of the top producers of long underwear focused most of their concentration on mens styles as it is typically men with careers in harsh or demanding environments.

In recent years, however, the gender gap has narrowed and today it is not uncommon to see women right alongside the men working in the harsh winter climates of Alaska and other extreme winter careers. Not only are more and more women in need of protection from the wintery elements of their jobs, but women have continued to excel in winter sporting events.

For Work or For Play

No matter what the reasoning is behind it, the demand for higher quality long underwear designed for women is on the rise. Where at one point the top manufacturers only considered the needs of their male clients, today some of the best long underwear for women is manufactured by top brand companies. Whether you are out there earning a living in the freezing conditions of an arctic winter or you are enjoying a well earned winter escape to your favorite slops, having a quality pair of long underwear for women can make all the difference.

Long Underwear

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