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  • The Most Expensive Golf Shot Ever

    Posted on August 4, 2014 by olinselot

    Most Expensive Golf Shot Ever

    Sergio Garcia may have taken the most expensive golf shot ever during the World Bridgestone Invitational tournament on Sunday. Garcia was currently leading the tournament going into the third tee shot on the third hole when he took the fateful swing.
    Lost Diamond

    His drive not only missed the fairway, but hooked left into the trees. His ball took a lucky bounce and ended up just left of the green in the rough, but that lucky bounce was not so lucky after all. His ball bounced off the diamond engagement ring of a woman standing in the crowd. She was not injured by the ball, but the diamond in her ring was knocked loose and instantly lost in the tall grass.
    Sergio Garcia Signed Ball

    The television announcer said remarked that, "This could be the most expensive tee shot of all time." Several fans converged on the spot and helped the woman search for her missing diamond. Garcia quickly autographed a golf ball and offered it to her as an act of generosity for the errant drive. Soon after, a spectator found the diamond in the rough and it was returned to the woman.
    Signed Ball and Ring

    Although the woman recovered the diamond, Sergio Garcia never recovered the lead. He ended up with a bogey on the hole and finished second place behind Rory McIlroy. Although Sergio Garcia might have to pay to have the woman's ring fixed he still pocketed a $900,000 check for placing second on the day. Lucky for the woman, her diamond was found and the most expensive golf shot ever was narrowly avoided.

    All Images credit:YouTube

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