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  • Who Doesn't Like To Wear A Nice Hoodie In The Fall

    Posted on October 18, 2012 by

    Hoodies Are Always In Style During The Fall

    As fall approaches and the leaves start to change, so does your wardrobe. It's time to put away the short sleeves and find your favorite fall clothing. One popular item you'll see popping up each fall is a cotton hoodie. Hooded sweatshirts are a beloved fall item because of how well they go with a variety of clothing styles. If what you are wearing isn't warm enough for that lunch break walk to the Deli, just slip on your hooded jacket and you've not only added warmth but style. If your favorite sports team is playing, you'll want to be sure to wear your team's for support. And if you don't have an embroidered hoodie for your team, you can at least wear one with your teams colors. Everyone will know who you're rooting for.

    Hoodies Made Just For Women

    Full Zip Cotton Hoodies Tapered for Women's Figure Hoodies That Compliment A Woman's Figure

    It is good that hoodies are available in all sizes and styles. Some women don't like to wear the typical oversized frumpy hoodie because it is easy to look like it just swallowed you whole. Women's hoodies are available in quarter and full zip styles that have a petite fit just for women. The sides are narrowed to give it that feminine look and eliminate the swallowed look. This styling is especially noticeable with the full zip hoodies when it is unzipped. A full zip hooded sweatshirt also doesn't hide the cute outfit that you spent so much time picking out.

    Hoodies Made From Heavyweight Cotton

    One of my favorite hoodies is made by Champion. Champion has been making athletic wear for many years and has perfected the 100% cotton hoodie. The main thing I like about a Champion Brand hoodie is that they fleece the inside cotton material so it feels so soft next to your skin. The other thing is that Champion uses high quality long lasting dye for their 100% cotton hooded sweatshirts. Wash after wash, my Champion hoodies still look great with very little color fade. I love their heavyweight hoodie. You can just feel the quality of it as you put it on. It's not some cheap flimsy hooded sweatshirt that will fall apart after a couple months. I've had some of my Champion hoodies for almost 10 years now.

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