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Tag Archives: family camping

  • Rockies Family Adventures - Family Camping

    Posted on December 1, 2013 by olinselot

    Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies!

    Have child and have not slowed down! This blog seeks to chronicle the joys and challenges of taking kids hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing, biking, paddling and all-out exploring in the Canadian Rockies.

    canadiantunnel This week's outdoor blogger is from the rocky mountains near Calgary Canada. Tanya has created a unique resource for locals who are looking to recreate with their children. While discovering her love for sharing their family camping through blogging, she also discovered that many local families needed a place to find information on family outings in the area.
    Tanya's love for the outdoors and sharing her adventures with others spills out of the screen, as you read her blog.
    canadiankids She is the founder of "Calgary Outdoor Playgroup" where their motto is "children running their crazy into the world," where she leads the group ages 2-6. Tnya goes out and explores new places with her children and shares their adventure both online and in her local community.


    Connecting families in the outdoors drives Tanya's passion for community and sharing.
    canadiankidbeautiful"Connecting families, bringing people together, and building an outdoor village here in Calgary of families who want to play outside together."





    canadiancanoe While inspiring readers online, Tanya and her family hope to connect with other locals and those visiting the area.

    For more visit:




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  • Tales of a Mountain Family - APPROVED

    Posted on November 12, 2013 by olinselot

    Tales of a Mountain Mama!

    talesofmountainmamalogoAmelia brings to us a wonderful, adventurous spirit from Yellowstone National Park! She takes advantage of every opportunity that comes her way to take her little ones outdoors, and share their experiences. Her content has a fun feel and is great information for outdoor enthusiast of all ages, not only families.  Amelia shares her story of what actually inspired her to share herself with the world through blogging about her passion of the outdoors.

    talesofmountainmamakiss"Two years ago, my second child was 4 months old, and I was realizing more than ever that getting out as a family and doing what we love was going to pose some challenges as our family grew.  To be honest, I was sleep-deprived and doing everything I could get outside as much as possible (in "protest" to the 6 weeks I spent on bed rest.)  I realized that I was not alone and, shockingly, there were many parents who chose to "hibernate" with newborns and young children because it was just so HARD to get out.  I understood the feeling, but also knew that my kids (and my husband and I) were happiest in the fresh air of nature.  The challenge was worth it. 
    talesofmountainmamaskiThe blog started as an outlet for me and, more importantly, a challenge to myself also to do what was best for myself and my family - to continue doing what we loved outside.  It has grown into a community, and I am ever-learning and challenged by our readers too!"

    While "Tales of a Mountain Family" is an outlet for Amelia and her family, she gives a perspective that is inspiring to her readers. A mother who uses her passion of the outdoors and writing combined as a way to inspire others is amazing. You will find a variety on her blog from informative gear reviews to recipes.

    Where is "Tales of a Mountain Family" headed? Amelia has a vision that she also shares with us...

    "As the blog grows and expands, I hope that it becomes even more of a place where families turn to find honest gear reviews (because we know that great gear helps keep kids warm and happy too) and inspiration.  I hope for even more of an interaction on our accompanying Facebook page where safe conversation happens to encourage an outdoor life.  The blog isn't just for young families, but that is where we are at right now in life and who I can relate to most right now."   
    talesofmountainmamafamilyIn an effort to appeal to readers across the country, Amelia has brought on a contributing writer to "Tales of a Mountain Family."  Ann has three children, and shares Amelia's passion for recreating with her family in the Florida urban environment.
    Visit The blog! You won't be disappointed!

    "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will
    flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their
    own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will
    drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn."
    ― John Muir

    Enjoy our outdoor blogger highlights every Tuesday!

    You can also find here:




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  • Outdoor Gift Ideas!

    Posted on November 1, 2013 by olinselot

    Happy Shopping!

    Here are some awesome gifts ideas! Everyone who enjoys the outdoors will love any of these gifts, so take a look!

     The Black Diamond Headlamp is a great idea for anyone who spends time in the outdoor after the sun goes down. These durable lamps are handy when you arrive back at your car after a long hike, or when you need to start a fire in the dark!

    hammockThe Hennessy Hammock Classic is a great choice for anyone who loves overnight trips! Many people report that the Hennessy Hammock is great to sleep in if you have a bad back, and they rarely feel pain after a great night of sleep - hanging from a tree. The Hennessy Hammock is easy to take on all of your adventures, and it keeps you off the ground and dry, which makes it a perfect gift for the hunter, camper, hiker, or anyone who loves to spend time outside.

    Goal Zero Ultra Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit Solar Charger solar charger is an awesome holiday gift idea! Almost everyone who enjoys the outdoors these days, loves to take their electronic devices! This solar charger will charge your smart phone in one hour. Give your larger items such as Ipad, tablet, or laptop a power boost in a hurry. The Guide 10 is ultra-light weight and can fit in your pocket. The solar panel allows you to fully charge removable AA/AAA batteries or charge your devices directly from the USB and 12 Volt DC charging Port.


    spot Now you can turn your Smartphone into a Satellite Communication Device with Spot Connect and send text messages and emails, update your Facebook or Twitter, or call for help with the SOS function. Just download the Spot app and connect your smartphone with spot and you will always have service from almost anywhere. You can send text messages and emails up to 41 characters or send a predetermined message up to 120 characters, or just update your followers and friends on Twitter or Facebook.
    The SOS function will send your location along with your location to the GEOS International Emergency Response Center which will contact your local responders giving you and your family peace of mind while you explore the world around you.

    Check out other awesome gift ideas for the holiday season at!

    You can also find us here:





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  • APPROVED! Nature For Kids

    Posted on October 29, 2013 by olinselot

    Please enjoy our " Approved" outdoor bloggers, every week! has recently searched the web for inspiring bloggers who want to make a difference. NFK2 We believe that having a strong network of people with similar interests will lead to a healthier, safer, and enjoyable existence. Now, sit back and relax, we have done the searching for you!

    "Encouragement and ideas concerning wholesome outdoor recreation"

    “Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.” – Thomas Berry


    Shawna, the creator of, shares the vision for her blog as a growing resource  for those seeking ideas and encouragement for getting kids outside.
    We wanted to know why she started blogging and what keeps her going, considering shes been online since 2008...this was her reply:

    "Being outside everyday was a common thing for me as a child. A farm life kind of forces that on you with all the work and play that is provided. But when I became a mother of four little ones and living in a city with neighbors on all sides I realized my children were going to have a disconnection from nature unless I did something about it. I find such joy and amazement from recreating outside that I knew I didn't want my children to miss out on that. So we headed outside each day, whether it was for a short walk or a week long camping trip with rock climbing and mountain biking along the way. I knew that this disconnection from nature wasn't just a challenge my family was facing so I took this passion a step further and began blogging about our adventures outside, in hopes to educate and encourage others to head outdoors. My ultimate goal in this is to help each child find a hobby in the outdoors to call their own. This hobby turns into a love for their surroundings and in turn makes them better stewards of the land around them. Because we all know we take care of what we love."

    Shawna Andreasen, Creator & Contributor

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  • Cross Country Ski Wear for Utah - What Counts Is On The Inside!

    Posted on January 18, 2013 by olinselot

    With temperatures lingering at a frosty 19 degrees you would think that most would cuddle up next to a warm fire and hide. But for one amazing mother in Utah, her fire seems to come from within!

    Shawna, of, shows that with the proper cross country ski wear, and a touch of scenic beauty, you can get outdoors and enjoy nature even on the coldest of days. She exemplifies the model family camper who isn't afraid to take her children along with her. Knowing how to be prepared with the right thermal layers gives her more confidence and comfort to do what she loves. What does Shawna love? She loves cross country skiing around a high altitude reservoir outside of Brigham City, Utah.

    It was no surprise to see her sporting some high quality ColdPruf Extreme Performance Thermals under her coat. Most of all she loves the comfort and bargain of her Merino Wool Outdoor Trail Socks.

    In regards to the Merino Wool Trail Socks - Shawna says, "First thing I noticed was how cushioned they were. They fit snug and the seams aren’t bothersome at the toe. They’ve kept my feet warm enough that I haven’t had to give them a second thought while outside."

    You can read the full experience, review, and get to know Shawna on her blog by visiting: Nature For Kids


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