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  • Most Memorable Golf Courses

    Posted on March 30, 2013 by olinselot

    Heaven might be a place where the dew glistens on the fresh cut grass. It’s a place where the smell of crisp clean air hanging on a soft breeze and majestic pines casting long shadows across the perfectly groomed landscape. There is no feeling like crack of a clean struck ball off the end of your driver. You look up to watch your white ball streaking through the sky. Then it happens. Your ball slices out of control over the trees and directly into the demilitarized zone of North Korea. Better take a mulligan!

    DMZ Par 3Did you know there is a golf course bordering the DMZ between North and South Korea? It is maintained by the United States Army. Your caddy is required to be a trained sniper and all players have to be armed with a firearm before being allowed to play. Don’t sweat for long though because this high stakes golf course is only a single par 3 just under 200 yards in from the tee to the hole. But this par 3 sits at the #1 spot in our list of Most Memorable Golf Courses.

    Golf AfricaIf you survive the par three in Korea you might think about trying your luck at becoming a legend. The 19th hole at the Legendary Golf Resort in South Africa features a vertigo inducing par 3. From the tee to the hole below you’ll have to place your shot on a green that sits over 1,300 feet below. Being careful not to fall over the edge of the cliff, and If you are lucky enough to hit anywhere near the green, you then get to ride a helicopter down to the fairway below – the only way to get there! #2 on our list is the Legend Golf & Safari Resort.

    Drifting GreenOne of the most unique and celebrated courses in the world won’t get you shot at or dangling over a cliff. In fact, it’s nestled safely in the Rocky Mountains by the scenic Lake Coeur d’Alene. But wait there’s a twist. One bad shot on hole #14 and you’ll be swimming for your ball. This par 3 is the world’s only movable and floating green. Drifting on the lake 150 yards from the shore you’ll have one, or many, memorable shots at the floating green. Then you can enjoy a boat ride out to make your putt or scuba dive for your previous ten shots if you are off your game.
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