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Repost of Favorite Articles

Posted on May 29, 2006 by Justin There have been 0 comments

Here are some of our reader's favorite articles:

100% COTTON-COMFORT ENEMY #1 - How can such a soft, snuggly, comfortable fabric like cotton be so hated among veterans of the high activity sports world? In this post, we'll cover the basics of why cotton is a definite no-no when putting together your wardrobe for any outdoor or otherwise high intensity sports activity.

Florida Residents Buying Thermal Underwear in the Spring! - It doesn't make sense to many people when I tell them that around 70% of our online sales for thermal underwear during the months of March thru June come from Florida and other southern states. So why would so many people from the warmest states want thermal underwear in the spring and summer?

Layering for Cold Weather Activities - For many, when the trees shed their leaves, the grass stops growing, and winter sets in, the human hibernation begins. It’s time to crawl into a centrally heated cave, and wait out the cold winter months. After all, without a natural fur coat, humans were never meant to brave temperatures below 65 degrees right?

Trekking Poles: How useful can they be? - If you've been on a hike recently, you probably noticed some of your fellow hikers trekking along with what looks like ski poles in their hands.

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