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Choosing Base Layer for Cold, Windy Winter Snow Storms

Posted on January 11, 2013 by Outersports There have been 0 comments

Man tries to withstand the wind in cold winter blizzard Facing the Wind During an Idaho Blizzard

Snow is falling heavy on Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado tonight, and the wind is howling, driving the temperature to a bone chilling 7 degrees. Last week the temperature dropped down to 7 below 0 but the wind chill today just makes it feel so much colder.

A blizzard is no time to be outside but if you must, you can be ready to stay warm.  Here are a few helpful tips for choosing the right thermal base layer clothing for the job:

Base Layer Technologies

Choose base layer clothing based on your activity level and the temperature outside.  Designers from our top brands like Minus33 and ColdPruf have developed ways to use base layer to keep you comfortable and warm using powerful thermal technologies.

The Cross-Country Skier
Let's say you made a new years resolution to cross country ski every Saturday, despite the weather.  You'll need a high performance base layer, suited for high activity.  That's where the innovative ColdPruf Platinum performance line comes in, an advanced blend of 30% merino wool for maximum warmth and 70% CPT performance polyester to wick moisture and keep you dry.

The Winter Worker

On the other hand, if you're working a low activity day in the military, mining, agriculture, or construction industry, you'll probably want a base layer suited for medium to low activity - something that keeps you warm at idle but breathes well, and fast drying, to keep you dry when you really need to work up a sweat.  Many of our mining and military customers choose to wear polypropylene thermal underwear as their preferred base layer for these very reasons.

High Adventure

Finally, if you're an avid high adventure buff, taking on the most extreme winter conditions, you should really consider the Minus33 100% Merino Wool base layer.  It's so so comfortable, you wear it day and night.  More importantly, its wick technology helps you perform in changing activity levels coupled with it's brute warmth no matter the temperature.

The Cold Office

If you work in a warehouse or poorly heated office, or even one that gets chilly on a cold blizzard day, consider light-weight thermal underwear. These super-comfortable yet light-weight 100% merino wool thermals are just right for keeping you toasty when it's a little cool in the office. Soft and warm, yet light enough that you won't overheat. They're perfect for a hike in the mountains on a cool fall day too.

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