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  • Golfing - What Should I Wear?

    Posted on May 25, 2006 by Justin

    As a teen, I had a friend who lived right next to a golf coarse. In fact, you could walk through a thin buffer of trees and there you were on the fairway of the 4th hole.My friend had a set of clubs and several times we attempted to get in a few free games of golf. For some reason, we would get reported immediately and were quickly asked to leave the coarse. There were plenty of other teens that golfed there regularly. How did they know we were not paying members of the club? They knew by what we were wearing.

    Most country clubs and golf coarses have a standard dress policy that they require their members and members' guests to follow. The will usually provide some sort of card or brochure outlining their dress policy for using the golf coarse. These general rules for proper golf attire should help you to avoid any embarrassing situations.

    Men: Proper attire for men includes collared golf or polo style shirts, sweaters, jackets (including pullover golf jackets), slacks, and golf shorts. Most of the time you will see other golfers wearing a polo style golf shirt with slacks or golf shorts depending on the temperature. Do not wear blue jeans or any other color denim on the golf coarse unless you golf like my buddy Tiger Woods.

    Group of Men GolfingGuy golfing

    Older couple golfingCouple golfing

     Women: Proper attire for women is pretty much the same as for
    men with the exception of golf skirts. Most country clubs and golf coarses will
    also allow golf style tank tops, but tank tops are generally not acceptable at
    higher class clubs.
    Lady golfing Woman golfing

    Females golfing Couple golfing

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