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  • 6 Items To Reuse In Your Home or Garden

    Posted on July 11, 2014 by olinselot

    Toilet paper tube seedlings toilet paper seedlings

    As the old saying goes "Use it up. Wear it out. Make it due or due without." Another well known saying is "Waste not want not." Well, we have put together a list of 6 items to reuse at home or in the garden. Rather than toss them in the garbage we can get creative and reuse these every day objects for something new and useful.

    Toilet paper rolls can simply be cut and crimped to be reused as seedling starters. Simply fill them with your favorite potting soil, plant the seeds, and water them in your starting tray. Once the seedling is sprouted you can plant the entire toilet paper roll and all into your garden bed where it will decompose into mulch.

    Egg Shell Seedlings Egg Shell Seedlings

    Similar to the toilet paper roll seedlings, half of a used egg shell also works great. Next time you crack an egg put half the shell back into a paper egg carton. Fill the egg shell with potting soil and plant your seeds inside. Use the old egg carton like you would a regular seed tray. Once the seedling has grown enough you can take the egg shell seedling out to your garden and bury it in the soil. Remember to crack up the shell as you place it in the ground so the roots can find their way out. The shell will biodegrade without any problems.


    Wine Crate Garden Wine Crate Garden

    Old wooden wine crates or milk crates can be used as portable garden boxes. They are not only functional, they also add a level of character and flexibility to your flower beds for that unique look and feel you might be going for. Shuffling and stacking old wooden crates instead of planting pots allows you to get creative with a wood burner, screw them into fence posts, or attach them to the side of your deck.


    Pallet Garden Idea Pallet Garden Idea

    Old pallets can be re purposed to perfectly divide rows, keep down weeds, and give you a dry surface to walk across in the garden. The creativity and flexibility that pallet gardens can offer are almost endless when you begin to research ideas. They can even be stood on their side to create a vertical garden for strawberries, radishes, or other small plants and herbs if you want to save ground space.

    Plastic Bottle Sprinkler Plastic Bottle Sprinkler

    Empty plastic bottles can be reused as sprinklers for your yard or even just for your kids to run through on a hot day. You can poke holes in the plastic with a needle or thumb tack and then simply put it on the end of your hose and turn it on. Next time your sprinkler breaks you won't have to rush out to buy a new one, get creative and try an old plastic bottle instead.

    Coffee Can Herb Garden Coffee Can Herb Garden

    Old coffee cans can be reused for many different things. Nail them to fence posts around your garden to keep your favorite herbs or flowers separate and free of weeds. They can be pained to look however you want and are conveniently portable if you need to move them somewhere new. The idea is to get creative and stop wasting thing by throwing them into a landfill. You might surprise yourself with what is possible.

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