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Health Benefits

  • Long Underwear Is Good For Your Health

    Posted on November 30, 2012 by

    Long Underwear Fends Off Arthritis

    Do you wear long underwear during the winter? Did you know that cold weather is bad for your joints. Repeated prolonged exposure to cold temperatures increases your risk of arthritis and joint pain as you age. An article this month by the Global Times explores the risks that many take by not properly protecting their body from cold weather. Studies have been done in China where the highest population in the world frequently walk outdoors year round. These studies found that hospitals are treating an increasing number of adults in their early 30's for joint related pain as a result of exposure to cold temperatures.

    Long Underwear Will Fit Under Your Fall Wardrobe

    Keep the Cold Out With Long Underwear This Season Long Underwear Enhances Your Fall Wardrobe

    In large measure, fashion is to blame for the increase in cases of arthritis and joint related pain in recent years. Today's fashions promote wearing less, even during winter months. Fashions that leave women exposed to cold weather are putting them at higher risk of developing arthritis at an earlier age. Women's long underwear is part of the solution. Performance

    long underwear layers made from polyester, polypropylene or merino wool are plenty thin to wear beneath your fashionable winter apparel. Many performance long underwear products today are made with a 360 degree stretch which makes them form fitting. They can be incorporated into your winter wardrobe providing protection from the cold without sacrificing style. As you can see in the picture above, you can even wear your favorite

    Your Favorite Fall Dresses Utilizing Long Underwear For Style Long Underwear Enhances the Winter Style of Fall Dresses

    shorts on top of some 100% merino wool long underwear and still be in style this winter

    Long Underwear Allows You To Enjoy Winter

    Winter can be a depressing time of the year for many. The cold weather forces them indoors for the duration of the season. Long underwear is designed to make you feel like it is summer during the winter. With the right long underwear layers, you can spend more time outside in the fresh air without being exposed to arthritis causing winter temperatures.  Time spent outdoors lessens those feelings of depression common to those who stay cooped up indoors throughout the winter season.

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