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  • Cornerstone Snag-Proof

    Posted on April 16, 2015 by olinselot

    Cornerstone Snag Proof

    Cornerstone Snag-Proof Polos are the premiere choice for hard working men and women. If you are like most people, then your work environment is not a free of snags, scrapes, or hazards that can quickly make your favorite shirt look unprofessional.

    You can either buy a big stack of shirts and throw a few in the trash every month, or you can get yourself a few Cornerstone Snag-Proof Tactical Polos and never worry again. It is the first choice of police, security guards, and athletes who need a polo that not only looks professional, but can hold up to the snags and hang ups expected in life.

    Cornerstone developed the Snag-Proof Tactical Polo specifically with event staff, security, and law enforcement in mind. They are 6.6 ounce, 100% snag proof polyester with double-needle stitching and a tag-free label. It is stain resistant, machine washable, and wrinkle resistant. They are also available in 10 different colors for both men and women so you can add variety to your wardrobe or match the company colors you require.

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  • The Most Expensive Golf Shot Ever

    Posted on August 4, 2014 by olinselot

    Most Expensive Golf Shot Ever

    Sergio Garcia may have taken the most expensive golf shot ever during the World Bridgestone Invitational tournament on Sunday. Garcia was currently leading the tournament going into the third tee shot on the third hole when he took the fateful swing.
    Lost Diamond

    His drive not only missed the fairway, but hooked left into the trees. His ball took a lucky bounce and ended up just left of the green in the rough, but that lucky bounce was not so lucky after all. His ball bounced off the diamond engagement ring of a woman standing in the crowd. She was not injured by the ball, but the diamond in her ring was knocked loose and instantly lost in the tall grass.
    Sergio Garcia Signed Ball

    The television announcer said remarked that, "This could be the most expensive tee shot of all time." Several fans converged on the spot and helped the woman search for her missing diamond. Garcia quickly autographed a golf ball and offered it to her as an act of generosity for the errant drive. Soon after, a spectator found the diamond in the rough and it was returned to the woman.
    Signed Ball and Ring

    Although the woman recovered the diamond, Sergio Garcia never recovered the lead. He ended up with a bogey on the hole and finished second place behind Rory McIlroy. Although Sergio Garcia might have to pay to have the woman's ring fixed he still pocketed a $900,000 check for placing second on the day. Lucky for the woman, her diamond was found and the most expensive golf shot ever was narrowly avoided.

    All Images credit:YouTube

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  • Ways to Cool Down

    Posted on July 15, 2014 by olinselot

    Cute Hot Dog Staying Cool



    In the heat of the summer it can be difficult to find ways to cool down without spending money on expensive air conditioning units. We've put together a short list of ideas to help you cool down and beat the summer heat.

    Stay Hydrated

    Rule number 1 is to always stay hydrated. If you go all day drinking soda, or rely on getting your fluids from the food you eat, then you can seriously dehydrate yourself. If you get too dehydrated then your body will lose its ability to sweat. Without being able to sweat you will lose the ability to regulate body temperature and there can be serious consequences to your health. Stay hydrated with cold clean water. Adults should try to drink around 3 liters of water per day to stay healthy.

    Homemade Air Conditioner

    Build your own air conditioning system for cheap! The internet is full of designs and ideas to fit your budget when it comes to making a homemade cooling system. Some use liquid cooled copper tubing, other use old coolers and fans, and some just use frozen water bottles and and buckets. Do some searching online for creative ideas to keep cool without breaking the bank this summer. You might be surprised to find you have some of these items already sitting around your house. Here is an instructional video on how to create a bucket air conditioner system:

    Cool Summer Clothes

    Pick your fabrics. If you are working in the yard with a wool shirt and cotton jeans on then you are bound to get hot and tired much faster than if you dress for the job. There are plenty of nice looking golf shirts that are designed for walking in the hot sun all day. Ogio, Nike, and many other brands of golf shirts can keep you cool, wick moisture to keep you dry, and keep you looking good no matter how hot it is outside.

    Cool Down Spots

    To cool down your body temperature more quickly you should know where to place an ice pack. There are specific locations on your body where your arteries are closest to the surface of the skin and will help cool your internal temperature the fastest. Place the ice pack on your forehead, neck, inside of your elbow, wrist, groin, behind your knee, or on your ankles to cool of quickly.

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  • Luckiest Golf Shots of All Time

    Posted on May 24, 2013 by olinselot

    Golf TeeThe greatest golf shot of my life was when I was 17 years old. My drive off the tee landed on the right edge of the fairway on a par four and I was facing a tough second shot with trees and a back to front sloping green nestled between two sand traps. I pulled out my 9 iron and gave the ball plenty of loft to clear the trees only to quickly lose sight of it in a sky full of clouds. I must have walked around the green and scoured through the ivory colored sand for nearly fifteen minutes to no avail. As I unzipped my bag preparing to drop another ball on the edge of the rough I decided to take one last look behind the green. That’s when I saw it. My ball was resting in the cup. I threw both fists into the air in victory. My first eagle! I enjoyed a small sense of victory as I glanced around with nobody to share it with.

    It might be more accurate to call it my luckiest golf shot ever rather than my greatest shot, but for these professional golfers luck has little to do with it. I present to you some of the craziest golf shots in history.

    The Skipper: During a practice round at the 2009 Masters Tournament at Augusta, Vijay Singh faces a 170 yard Par 3. After a couple of practice shots he decides to start skipping the ball across the water toward the green. He not only hits the green on each attempt, but on his third try actually nails a hole in one!

    The Tree Wedge: In the final round of the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational, Sergio Garcia’s ball gets stuck up in a tree. Rather than take a drop and lose a stroke he instead decides to climb up into the tree. The resulting single handed backhand shot not only lands well on the green but far closer to the hole than anyone would have guessed.

    The “Wait for it” Shot: After having a lack luster performance on the day, Fuzzy Zoeller seemingly defies the laws of physics with an incredibly lucky shot. After a 173 yard shot off the tee his ball gets stuck on the fringe where it sits for a long TEN SECONDS before magically deciding to roll onto the green and directly into the cup.

    Trick Shot Compilation: Geoff Swain completes a series of challenging bounce shots, drop shots, chip-ins, left handed short club shots, back hands, tennis serves, ricochets, and others that you just have to see to believe. What’s almost as impressive is that professional golfer Ian Poulter tries many of them for the first time and has success himself!

    The Clay Pigeon: In 2010 the European Tour decided to set up a promotional video for their upcoming tournament season. They invited several pro golfers to attempt a shot that would be seemingly impossible. After launching a clay pigeon out of a thrower, typically designed for shotgun skeet shooting, the golfers would attempt to hit the clay mid-air with a direct drive off the tee. After several close shaves from the other golfers, Simon Khan hits the pigeon dead center.

    If these incredible golf shots have inspired you to dust off your clubs and enjoy the summer then take a few minutes to upgrade your golf apparel at our Outersports online store.

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  • Most Memorable Golf Courses

    Posted on March 30, 2013 by olinselot

    Heaven might be a place where the dew glistens on the fresh cut grass. It’s a place where the smell of crisp clean air hanging on a soft breeze and majestic pines casting long shadows across the perfectly groomed landscape. There is no feeling like crack of a clean struck ball off the end of your driver. You look up to watch your white ball streaking through the sky. Then it happens. Your ball slices out of control over the trees and directly into the demilitarized zone of North Korea. Better take a mulligan!

    DMZ Par 3Did you know there is a golf course bordering the DMZ between North and South Korea? It is maintained by the United States Army. Your caddy is required to be a trained sniper and all players have to be armed with a firearm before being allowed to play. Don’t sweat for long though because this high stakes golf course is only a single par 3 just under 200 yards in from the tee to the hole. But this par 3 sits at the #1 spot in our list of Most Memorable Golf Courses.

    Golf AfricaIf you survive the par three in Korea you might think about trying your luck at becoming a legend. The 19th hole at the Legendary Golf Resort in South Africa features a vertigo inducing par 3. From the tee to the hole below you’ll have to place your shot on a green that sits over 1,300 feet below. Being careful not to fall over the edge of the cliff, and If you are lucky enough to hit anywhere near the green, you then get to ride a helicopter down to the fairway below – the only way to get there! #2 on our list is the Legend Golf & Safari Resort.

    Drifting GreenOne of the most unique and celebrated courses in the world won’t get you shot at or dangling over a cliff. In fact, it’s nestled safely in the Rocky Mountains by the scenic Lake Coeur d’Alene. But wait there’s a twist. One bad shot on hole #14 and you’ll be swimming for your ball. This par 3 is the world’s only movable and floating green. Drifting on the lake 150 yards from the shore you’ll have one, or many, memorable shots at the floating green. Then you can enjoy a boat ride out to make your putt or scuba dive for your previous ten shots if you are off your game.
    Men's Golf ShirtTank TopGolf Polo

    Wherever you decide to fulfill your golfing fantasies we are excited that the snow is melting and it’s time to break out the clubs. Outersports has a wide variety of golf shirts and polos to give you a fresh and comfortable start on the season. In a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics for both men and women we know you’ll find something perfect for your needs.

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  • Golfing - What Should I Wear?

    Posted on May 25, 2006 by Justin

    As a teen, I had a friend who lived right next to a golf coarse. In fact, you could walk through a thin buffer of trees and there you were on the fairway of the 4th hole.My friend had a set of clubs and several times we attempted to get in a few free games of golf. For some reason, we would get reported immediately and were quickly asked to leave the coarse. There were plenty of other teens that golfed there regularly. How did they know we were not paying members of the club? They knew by what we were wearing.

    Most country clubs and golf coarses have a standard dress policy that they require their members and members' guests to follow. The will usually provide some sort of card or brochure outlining their dress policy for using the golf coarse. These general rules for proper golf attire should help you to avoid any embarrassing situations.

    Men: Proper attire for men includes collared golf or polo style shirts, sweaters, jackets (including pullover golf jackets), slacks, and golf shorts. Most of the time you will see other golfers wearing a polo style golf shirt with slacks or golf shorts depending on the temperature. Do not wear blue jeans or any other color denim on the golf coarse unless you golf like my buddy Tiger Woods.

    Group of Men GolfingGuy golfing

    Older couple golfingCouple golfing

     Women: Proper attire for women is pretty much the same as for
    men with the exception of golf skirts. Most country clubs and golf coarses will
    also allow golf style tank tops, but tank tops are generally not acceptable at
    higher class clubs.
    Lady golfing Woman golfing

    Females golfing Couple golfing

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