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Author Archives: olinselot

  • Doing the Impossible

    Posted on April 5, 2013 by olinselot

    It’s hard to believe that year after year new world records are being set and then broken. Some unique individuals continue to always press the limits of human ability. What was once impossible somehow gets done. After watching these athletes doing the impossible you will be shocked, motivated, and inspired to realize what is really possible.

    Mark Felix – Born in Grenada and living in England you’d think Mark came to earth from Krypton. At 6 ft 4 in and 294 lbs Mark has won multiple international grip competitions. Grip contests test each competitor’s strength in crushing, pinching, and supporting various weights and holds. In March 2013 Mark shocked the world at the Arnold Strongman Classic when he successfully dead lifted 1,128 lbs worth of Tires.

    Rhonda Rousey – In a sport dominated by men Rhonda has fought to earn her respect. Coming out of Riverside County, California like rising phoenix she has secured her place in history. Rhonda was the youngest Olympic Judo competitor at the 2004 games in Athens and won the World Junior Judo Championships in Budapest. She soon began climbing the ranks of women’s mixed martial arts where she holds a perfect 7-0 record. In February 2013 she became the first ever Bantamweight Champion when she defeated Liz Carmouche in the first round via armbar submission. As if that isn’t enough, she shocked fans of the sport everywhere when she easily submitted the popular Uriah Hall during a practice session . . . TWICE!

    Krystian Herba – Most people may not recognize his name, but once you see what he accomplished you’ll never forget it. Krystian is a well-rounded athlete from Poland. He has won several Amateur snowboarding championships there, but is most well-known for his cat like skill on a trials bike. In just 1 hour and 21 minutes Krystian crushed a world record by jumping his bike up 2,754 steps in Shanghai. He was able to do this without touching the ground or walls throughout the duration.

    Damien Walters – Although tomorrow is Damien’s birthday, he earned his place on this showcase through raw athletic ability. Damien developed his skills while competing for multiple Trampoline World Championships, but is most well known for being one of the world’s best Parkour and Freerunning individuals. A few online videos launched his fame to over 70 million views and growing. He has since appeared as a stunt double in multiple films including Captain America, Sherlock Holmes, and the latest James Bond film Skyfall.

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  • Most Memorable Golf Courses

    Posted on March 30, 2013 by olinselot

    Heaven might be a place where the dew glistens on the fresh cut grass. It’s a place where the smell of crisp clean air hanging on a soft breeze and majestic pines casting long shadows across the perfectly groomed landscape. There is no feeling like crack of a clean struck ball off the end of your driver. You look up to watch your white ball streaking through the sky. Then it happens. Your ball slices out of control over the trees and directly into the demilitarized zone of North Korea. Better take a mulligan!

    DMZ Par 3Did you know there is a golf course bordering the DMZ between North and South Korea? It is maintained by the United States Army. Your caddy is required to be a trained sniper and all players have to be armed with a firearm before being allowed to play. Don’t sweat for long though because this high stakes golf course is only a single par 3 just under 200 yards in from the tee to the hole. But this par 3 sits at the #1 spot in our list of Most Memorable Golf Courses.

    Golf AfricaIf you survive the par three in Korea you might think about trying your luck at becoming a legend. The 19th hole at the Legendary Golf Resort in South Africa features a vertigo inducing par 3. From the tee to the hole below you’ll have to place your shot on a green that sits over 1,300 feet below. Being careful not to fall over the edge of the cliff, and If you are lucky enough to hit anywhere near the green, you then get to ride a helicopter down to the fairway below – the only way to get there! #2 on our list is the Legend Golf & Safari Resort.

    Drifting GreenOne of the most unique and celebrated courses in the world won’t get you shot at or dangling over a cliff. In fact, it’s nestled safely in the Rocky Mountains by the scenic Lake Coeur d’Alene. But wait there’s a twist. One bad shot on hole #14 and you’ll be swimming for your ball. This par 3 is the world’s only movable and floating green. Drifting on the lake 150 yards from the shore you’ll have one, or many, memorable shots at the floating green. Then you can enjoy a boat ride out to make your putt or scuba dive for your previous ten shots if you are off your game.
    Men's Golf ShirtTank TopGolf Polo

    Wherever you decide to fulfill your golfing fantasies we are excited that the snow is melting and it’s time to break out the clubs. Outersports has a wide variety of golf shirts and polos to give you a fresh and comfortable start on the season. In a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics for both men and women we know you’ll find something perfect for your needs.

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  • What is Tough Mudder

    Posted on March 26, 2013 by olinselot

    It’s often called the toughest event on the planet. But if that’s true why is almost everyone smiling? How could people love pain and torture so much? Like a moth to the flame over 700,000 participants show up, have their number written on their face, and then blitz through the 10-12 obstacle course known as the Tough Mudder.

    Tough Mudder CrawlOutsiders gawk at the competitors as they watch them run, climb, clamber, and even crawl through slop and mud. They scale giant walls and belly crawl through muck with electrically charged wires waiting to shock them just inches over their backs. Their mental grit seems almost self-abusive and yet attractive at the same time.

    Mudder SwimThe Tough Mudder competitions were started and designed by the British Special Forces. If you are brave enough to sign up, and just crazy enough to finish, it’s as if you have survived a rite of passage. You become a comrade with the other twisted fitness freaks. It connects you with a band of survivors across the globe who want to compete and race, but are bored with a typical marathon. Competitors don’t take themselves seriously. The obstacles can’t all be completed by yourself so you’re forced to wear a smile and get along. The guy you just passed and laughed at might be your only chance of getting over the next big wall.

    Once you have your free spirited attitude in tact you’ll want to wear the right gear. As fun as it sounds to run through the obstacles in your underwear – everyone else will enjoy it much more if you dress the part.
    Polypro socksTank TopMesh Shorts

    Your shoes will get wet and packed with mud so protect your feet with Fox River Polypropylene socks. They wick water from your skin and prevent blisters by reducing friction. A Sport-Tek reversible mesh tank top provides plenty of options for team colors if you are taking a group with you. Match your top with your Champion Mesh Reversible shorts – which have a draw string they won’t slip off when belly crawling through muddy ice water. The mesh fabric for both the tank top and shorts will keep you comfortable and dry.

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  • What is CrossFit?

    Posted on March 16, 2013 by olinselot

    CrossFit GymEvery year a new fitness program, DVD box set, or piece of equipment seems to become the next trend. Those trends seem to always be wrapped around a highly marketed product or person. They explode on the scene and then fade into the closet like so many fads that have grown and died before them. But every so often one stands out. One approach emerges from the pack and stands the test of time. One system grows and holds its ground. CrossFit has climbed out of the crowd and secured its place in the fitness world. Why? Because it works! But What is Crossfit?

    CrossFit Push UpsTake one look at an avid CrossFit junkie and there is no denying how effective the system works. Cut abs, strong legs, chiseled biceps are what you see on the outside but just wait. Stick around long enough and you’ll see women snatching barbells over their heads and men doing vertical pushups against the wall like a gymnast. CrossFit feels like a chimera of mixed martial arts, power lifting, and Navy Seal training blended together with a fun and positive environment.

    CrossFit Clean and JerkOne of the biggest reasons why CrossFit has become so successful is the fantastic culture that exists among the members. Newcomers are welcomed, pushed to do more, and praised for all efforts. You walk into an immediate support group that guides your technique and expects greatness. You walk out feeling like a champion.

    Everyone in a CrossFit group will be supportive, but one thing they can’t do is tell you how to dress. Making sure you have the right apparel for the workout will improve your confidence and create a better environment for everyone around you. You will sweat! Count on it! Grabbing your typical cotton t-shirt is not the best option.
    Sport-Tek PosiCharge TopDouble Dry ShortsDouble Dry Women's Top

    Wearing a comfortable, breathable top like a Sport-Tek PosiCharge Mesh tank top is a great option. Champion offers a Double Dry fabric top that wicks your sweat away from your skin without sticking to your body. The same Double Dry fabric also comes in matching colors and styles for both women’s workout shorts and men’s athletic shorts too.

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  • Prepping for Bike Trails

    Posted on March 12, 2013 by olinselot

    Winter Bike RidingAs the snow starts melting and the weather finally breaks into spring there will soon come a day where you roll out your bike. Whether you enjoy hitting the bike trails that wind through the forest or burning up the asphalt with your street bike, you should always get your bike and your body ready.

    Prepping your bike

    Cleaning Moving PartsLubrication – During the long winter months your bike can be susceptible to moisture or dry air. Take the time to lubricate your handlebars at the headset where the frame and bars connect, your pedals, cranks, chain, and then your brakes and gear lines.

    Tires – Inspect your tires for any cracks or bulges that may have formed then fill them up with air to the proper pressure.

    Moving Parts – Look over all moving parts for defect or obstruction. Shift through all your gears as you pedal the bike upside down to make sure it shifts properly and the chain isn’t skipping or kinking during revolutions.

    Brakes – Adjust your brakes and test them so both pads clamp evenly against your wheel and are free of dust and debris. If the pads are worn down then now is the time to replace them.

    Prepping your body

    Trail RidingMobility – If you haven’t been on a bike all winter take the time to do a few sets of lunges and knee rises. Warm up your wrists, elbows, and shoulders with some push-ups.

    Biking Apparel – Layer your clothing starting with a pair of Champion brand bike shorts or compression pants or capris (for women) to keep your warm and preventing unwanted friction. If you are a woman then you’ll appreciate a seamless sports bra for comfort and support. Layer your upper body with a comfortable training t-shirt or top and either an Eco Fleece Jacket or an All-Weather Soft Shell Jacket depending on the conditions and wind chill.
    Champion Bike ShortsSeamless Sports BraAll Weather Jacket

    Safety – Plan your route before getting on the trail or road. Nothing puts you at risk more than trying to make split decisions on the fly because you aren’t sure which way to go. Check your helmet, adjust your reflectors, fill your water bottle, and then give everything one last look over.

    Once everything is prepared then enjoy the fresh air and cool wind in your face. You’ll be able to embrace the experience and have a lot more fun once you have the peace of mind that everything is prepped and ready.

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  • Dave Canterbury and the 5 C's of Survivability

    Posted on February 23, 2013 by olinselot

    Dave shows us his trapping shelterThere are men who have a garage full of tools and trunk full of wilderness preparedness gear, but not many men hand made all those things themselves. Aside from his fame on the hit television series Dual Survival, Dave Canterbury has an impressive following on YouTube. How did Dave earn his over 124,000 subscribers? By being awesome!

    Dave has a cool brake drum that he uses as a forgeDave has an extensive video series where he lives in isolation in a yurt, traps his own meals with handmade traps, flint knaps his own arrow heads, and even blacksmiths his own axe heads in a forge he made out of a rusted break drum. His approach to wilderness survival is appealing because he adapts everything for the “common man”. Focusing on the best value and multipurpose functionality of everything he uses and promotes sets him apart from other celebrity survival expert.

    The “5 C’s of Survivability" are the foundation for Dave's practical methods to wilderness survival:

    1. Cutting tool – something that can cut down trees as well as do fine cutting if needed.
    2. Combustion device – a reliable way of getting fire.
    3. Covering – Clothing/covering designed to wick moisture and regulate body temperature.
    4. Container – a metal container that can be used to carry and boil water or food.
    5. Cordage – multipurpose rope useable in lashing or building anything you need.

    Dave showing his amazing yurtYou can watch Dave hand craft all of the five items in his video series except for #3 – the Covering. When it comes to regulating his core body temperature, maintaining comfort, and ensuring moisture wicking, Dave prefers Merino Wool base layer to get the job done.

    In list latest series about blacksmith skills, Dave can be seen sporting high quality Merino Wool, compliments of, in which he hand-forges a knife out of an old railroad spike. We look forward to seeing Dave Canterbury as he continues to exemplify the standard of wilderness preparedness in future videos.

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  • Wicking Socks, For the Love of Feet

    Posted on February 16, 2013 by olinselot

    pic of foot bonesDid you know that over half of the bones in your body are in your feet and hands? Although your feet have one bone less than your hands, 26 to be exact, it has been argued that your feet actually contain far more nerve endings than your hands do. We are all very careful about taking care of our hands and keeping them warm because we see them and use them for every tactile need. Many people overlook their feet.

    Typical advice on foot care seems to be dominated by a reactive approach. You carefully pack your first aid kit to include things like bandages, gauze, duct tape and mole skin patches. While these injury care items are essential, a mindset toward preventative care is much better.

    pic of hiking in water with wet feetJust think about how much thought you put into taking care of your hands. If your fingers get cold, wet, bruised, or begin to blister you immediately stop and correct the issue. With our feet we seem to plod along and ignore the cold toes, wet socks, hot spots and irritations as though they can be dealt with later at a more convenient time.

    You might think all of this can be solved by an expensive pair of custom fitted shoes, but the greatest shoes in the world will still destroy your feet if you don't wear the proper socks. That’s right, socks! Socks are probably the most overlooked and least thought about parts of your outdoors experience.

    picture of blistered footAside from the puddles, creeks, and slushy snow you dunk your feet into on your hike, your feet will create their own moisture simply from walking. It can lead to serious problems like erythrosis, cyanosis or even necrosis (Trench foot). Most people don’t know that frostbite can actually occur at temperatures as high as 60° Fahrenheit. Hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet) causes a chain reaction of problems. The correct socks are your first line of defense.

    Keep your feet dry by selecting high performance moisture wicking socks. This technology in socks draws the moisture away from your skin and keeps them dry and free of irritation. The last thing you want is water soaked feet rubbing inside your shoes on a long hike. Give your feet some love with these selections:

    Merino Wool Outdoor Trail Socks (4 Pair)

    Merino Wool Outdoor Trail Socks (4 Pair)

    • Our most popular socks!
    • Includes 4 pair of super soft merino wool sport socks
    • Does not itch like normal wool
    • Wicks away sweat and moisture
    • Keeps your feet warm
    • Great for trail walking or riding, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling
    • Colors: 1 Pair Navy Blue, 2 Pair Blue/Gray, 1 Pair Brown
    • Cushioned throughout and reinforced from heel to toe
    • Naturally odor resistant for life of sock
    • Lycra® arch brace for fit and support
    • Toe seam is smoothe for added comfort
    • 71% Merino Wool / 21% Nylon / 7% Polyester / 1% Lycra Spandex

    There was a time when your only options were low grade wool or cotton, but today you have fantastic options when it comes to socks. Fleece polypropylene, acrylic blended wool, and merino wool socks provide a plush feel with all the moisture wicking benefits you need. Most of these varieties are made with comfortable toe seams, cushioned heels and toes, Lycra supported arches, and a choice of colors to match your apparel.

    Before you go skiing, hiking, snowmobiling or even sitting outside by the fire – take care of those unsung heroes you call feet. They’ll love you for it!

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  • Running Outdoors at -17° C in Toronto, Ontario Canada

    Posted on February 9, 2013 by olinselot

    Cold weather in Toronto Canada makes running unappealingImagine sitting inside your warm house in the early morning. You take a peek out the window and see freezing sleet coming down. Your iPhone tells you that in your home town of Toronto, Ontario Canada it's -17° C outside, cold enough that the weatherman advises you to stay indoors. But you are a runner. You are driven to feel blood pumping through you veins, in spite of the bite of the cold against your face.

    You suit up like a warrior preparing for battle against the invisible frost giants lurking in the wind. Some might call you crazy, but most people call you Holly!

    Holly BurdHolly is a registered nurse and a certified diabetes educator. She is a mother of two and works full time. As a type 1 diabetic herself, she knows that running daily will help her body to be stronger and healthier.  That's why when Holly isn’t working on her graduate degree, taking care of her children, or working at her career she loves to go for a run, even if it means facing the freezing cold of Canada.  On twitter, Holly goes by the handle @chollyrun

    Early in January, when Holly shared on twitter the low temperatures in which she was running, the team noticed, and we came up with a plan to surprise her by sending her over $150 in free base layer for runners to help her stay warm while she runs.  In exchange, we would ask her to tell us which ones she liked best, from a runner's point of view.

    "I was shocked!  I couldn't believe that me, of all people...I thought, 'They know I am not famous right?' ...seemed a lil too good to be true!"  Holly said of the surprise gift.

    Here's a look at the base layer we sent Holly, and what she had to say after giving it a test run:

    “I primarily own compression run gear from various companies. This is one of the first few thermal base layers that were not compression and were meant for cold weather that I got to test! I first tested the Merino wool blend set (top and bottom) on one of our usual chilly afternoons. The sun was setting and it was -17c and with wind chill was -24c. So it was COLD! My first thought as I put the garments on was “these feel like my pajamas!” They were soft, kind of lose and very comfortable. During my run there were times where the pants would lift up and expose my ankle….I am not used to this as most compression wear is snug with elastic around the ankles…this was a pain.  Around 5k the moisture wicking abilities really showed off as I checked one of my underarm vents and it was dry! After I got back home I recall thinking this is one of the most comfortable base layers yet! But I cooled off faster than I wanted.  An after run hoodie would be highly recommended if you aren’t changing out of these within minutes of stopping your activity."

    "The day after was equally as cold and I was able to take the performance polyester blend thermal base layer out for a test run. This set was noticeably thicker in texture and more form fitting. They still felt good, like really good, like when I’m not running – I might sleep in these:) I laced up and headed out for a quickie 5k after work, I really didn’t notice too much difference while running with this set, the leggings stayed put which was good, but when I got home and took my outer layers off I didn’t cool down as fast as with the merino wool set. I appreciated this! I do a lot of interval running, start and stop activities and I don’t want to get chilled when on a walk break before I get back to running again."

    "Before receiving these base layers, running in the winter was cumbersome. Don’t get me wrong, compression gear is great, but it has its place among other run clothes. Removing tight fitting sweaty run tights is not my idea of FUN! I really enjoyed the fit of these base layers and their warmth and protection. When sent me these products to try I feel like I won the runner's lottery! is your online source for base layer for running in the cold, with a risk-free return policy!”

    Who wouldn’t want to go running in gear that is so comfortable you could sleep in it! Cold weather running is all about having the right apparel. You don’t have to hibernate through winter. Learn from Holly’s experience and protect yourself with the right base layers. It makes all the difference.

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  • Merino Wool, The Standard For Comfort and Warmth

    Posted on January 26, 2013 by olinselot

    Not all sheep are equal! Did you know that there is a complex quality grading system in place to measure and determine wool quality? Why does this matter? It actually matters a lot when you are talking about clothing and apparel. The correct grade of wool can be the difference between finishing your hike in comfort and itching and smelling the whole trip.

    Wool is classified according to its fineness because the finer the wool, the better the appearance, comfort, and style. The wool industry utilizes three different systems to determine the grade and quality of wool. Currently, there exists The American Blood Grade System (ABGS), Spinning Count System, and the Micron System. The Micron System is more or less the international standard.

    An interesting note is that the ABGS system bases its standard on the amount of Merino genetics present in the wool fiber. A pure bred Merino sheep would be considered to have the highest grade because it has the longest and finest fiber of wool available. Every other sheep that is a cross breed would fall farther and farther down the scale according to how diluted it was from the Merino. The Micron System is capable of differentiating the difference simply based on the diameter of a wool fiber.

    If you look at this table closely, you can see that pure Merino sheep produce the finest diameter of wool fiber and also the highest yield of clean wool. What does this mean? Merino wool products are warmer, more comfortable, and more attractive! Merino wool is the highest quality, most renewable, and most desirable wool available. When you feel Merino wool in your fingers the difference between it and lower grade products is tremendous. There is no doubt, in your own hands, that you will notice a major difference between low quality wool and Merino wool.

    If you enjoy the outdoors then understanding wool quality standards can be a tremendous advantage. Most average wool products are made from lower grade wool. You are probably familiar with the bulkiness and lack of comfort in low quality, course wool. Low quality wool products can make you itch, feel stiff and inflexible, and are often unfashionable. On the other hand, Merino wool products feel soft against your skin (like cotton), do not itch or smell, are warmer, naturally wick moisture way from your skin, and will fit in your day to day wardrobe.

    Hands down, Merino wool wins the contest. Merino wool products such as thermal underwear, socks, jackets and even hats are all available and affordable. Don’t waste your money on something of poor quality and comfort.  Upgrade your wool apparel to Merino wool and you will never look back!

    This post was posted in Merino Wool and was tagged with base layer, merino wool, thermal underwear, wool

  • Cross Country Ski Wear for Utah - What Counts Is On The Inside!

    Posted on January 18, 2013 by olinselot

    With temperatures lingering at a frosty 19 degrees you would think that most would cuddle up next to a warm fire and hide. But for one amazing mother in Utah, her fire seems to come from within!

    Shawna, of, shows that with the proper cross country ski wear, and a touch of scenic beauty, you can get outdoors and enjoy nature even on the coldest of days. She exemplifies the model family camper who isn't afraid to take her children along with her. Knowing how to be prepared with the right thermal layers gives her more confidence and comfort to do what she loves. What does Shawna love? She loves cross country skiing around a high altitude reservoir outside of Brigham City, Utah.

    It was no surprise to see her sporting some high quality ColdPruf Extreme Performance Thermals under her coat. Most of all she loves the comfort and bargain of her Merino Wool Outdoor Trail Socks.

    In regards to the Merino Wool Trail Socks - Shawna says, "First thing I noticed was how cushioned they were. They fit snug and the seams aren’t bothersome at the toe. They’ve kept my feet warm enough that I haven’t had to give them a second thought while outside."

    You can read the full experience, review, and get to know Shawna on her blog by visiting: Nature For Kids


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