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Author Archives: Outersports

  • 10 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

    Posted on October 27, 2015 by Outersports

    It’s that time of year again - last minute Halloween costumes. This year, we teamed up with Olinselot to bring you the Fat Ninja Prank. For a limited time, Olinselot fans can get 20% off any purchase when they apply the coupon code olinselot at checkout. We'll also offer free 2-3 day shipping on orders over $100!

    20% off coupon - olinselot

    You've been putting off deciding on what to dress up as for Halloween because you can't justify spending a lot of money for something you'll only wear for a few hours of enjoyment. Or maybe you need something more practical or appropriate for a work setting. Look no further. We've put together some cheap, easy, last-minute costumes. Most of them won't require you to purchase anything extra. And that's what we love about this list!

    1 - Ninja

    thermals to dress up as ninja

    First up on the list is recreating the Fat Ninja. Of course you can be any body type. The concept is simple: dress in all black. We recommend using some lightweight black thermals. Thermals can be purchased in different thickness and material type to coincide with your activity level & temperature. You may already have thermals on hand. If not, use the olinselot coupon code to pick up a pair. These will be useful for all cold weather activities this season. In addition to thermals, you will need a mask of some sort. A ski mask or balaclava should work well for this.

    2 - Tourist


    We've all been on vacation and seen that one person that is obviously a tourist! If you haven't, there's a good chance you are that one person. Picture that person, and dress up like them. Basics should include: Polo, button-up shirt, or hawaiian shirt; khakis or shorts; tube socks with flip-flops or sandals; and accessories (sunscreen on the nose, sunglasses, hat, camera, etc).

    3 - Pizza Delivery

    digiorno fake pizza delivery

    Dressing up as a local pizza delivery guy gives you a solid excuse to carry around a pizza (not that you need an excuse). Some of you may still have old uniforms from the time that you actually worked at a pizza place. If not, take an old shirt, write PIZZA on it with a marker. You may remember the DiGiorno Pizza - Fake Pizza Delivery commercial . We can't promise you'll get in to the party of the year with this costume - but let us know if you do.

    4 - Lumberjack

    Flannel, jeans, and an axe are probably the first things to come to mind when thinking of a lumberjack. Feel free to have some fun with it though. Bring a stack of flapjacks with you. Dress your dog up as a big blue ox! Or take it a different route. Put on some red long johns and go as the off-duty lumberjack or lumberjack after-hours.

    5 - Flight Attendant

    Flight Attendants

    Anyone that has carry-on luggage can complete this costume easily. All you need is a professional suit or blouse & skirt. For additional accessories you can pass out bags of pretzels or walk around showing people how to put on a mask or buckle their seat belt. The best part of the carry-on luggage is it makes it easy to carry around your trick-or-treat candy.

    6 - Forrest Gump

    two forrest gumps

    Forrest Gump is a classic movie. Therefore, this is an easy, classic costume. You could go with a more classic Gump look with a plaid shirt, neatly tucked in under a light colored suit, and holding a box of chocolates. Or go the shaggy, running Forrest with some short-shorts, t-shirt, and hat. To pull this off you'll either need to make a big shaggy beard (re-purpose an old wig) or have already been growing one for a long time.

    7 - Daredevil

    TV Show Daredevil Characters

    Superheroes are always a popular costume. This year, Netflix released their Marvel Daredevil series. There are 3 possible costume ideas here:

    Daredevil's alter-ego Matt Murdock
    You'll need a cheap, sloppy suit, sunglasses, and a walking stick.

    Early vigilante days of Daredevil
    This would be very similar to a ninja costume mentioned earlier, however, your mask should cover your eyes and nose.

    Red Daredevil suit
    Another good use for red union suit long johns is as a base for your superhero costume. You'll need a red mask to complete the look.

    8 - The Flash

    The Flash & Barry Allen

    With any superhero you have the option of going as the hero or the alter-ego. The same goes with The Flash. You can go as Barry Allen - a young police forensic investigator. This one will allow you to dress in very casual clothes. But you'll probably have to explain your costume to most people.

    Or you can transform the red union suit into The Flash. Cut out some yellow lightning bolts and put on a red mask and you'll be well on your way to being the fastest man alive (or at least looking like him).

    9 - Devil


    Yet another purpose for the red long johns would be the classic devil costume. Horns and some red face paint should complete the look nicely.

    10 - 404: Costume Not Found

    costume not found shirt

    This costume is perfect for the tech nerds and computer geeks that have waited until the last minute. We've all clicked on our favorite bookmark or link only to find the message 404 - Page Not Found error. Use a similar message on your own shirt to indicate you couldn't find your own costume. You can either use a black marker to write on a white shirt, or print the message out and tape it to your shirt.

    This post was posted in Halloween, Thermal Underwear

  • Tommy Caldwell Climbs More Than Mountains

    Posted on January 24, 2013 by Outersports

    Mountain Climbing Tommy Caldwell Hangs Solar Panel to Charge iPhone Mountain Climbing Tommy Caldwell Hangs Solar Panel to Charge iPhone

    Tommy Caldwell Tent on Mountainside Tommy Caldwell Tent on Mountainside

    Hanging what looks like a thousand feet high from a vertical mountain side climber's tent, Tommy recharges his iPhone using a solar panel and then proceeds to update his Facebook friends on his mountain climbing progress before he hits the sack.

    It's an inside peek into the end of a typical climbing day for Tommy.

    No doubt, he must lose focus and drive, at times, after busting his fingers dozens of times per day, crashing against the mountain when he loses his grip.  But Tommy's been at this for years so a little blood, sweat and tears won't stop him from ascending to the top of the Dawn Wall in Yosemite Valley.

    Facebook special on Tommy Caldwell:

    Most people never want something this bad so they never accomplish great things in life.  Tommy shows us all what you have to give if you really want something.

    Do we have to hold a world record to be important?  We can be a hero when we respond to a spouses frustration with kindness or help a friend out of a bad situation.

    Yet, maybe Tommy's example can cause some of us to try to accomplish goals that are bigger than life and make a difference in the lives of those we can touch.  Maybe the impossible obstacles we face as a society today can be overcome with a few Tommy's out there who know they will eventually reach the top.

    Let's all give Tommy our support as he climbs "the wall".

    Other videos about Tommy:


    This post was posted in Mountain Climbing and was tagged with dedication, focus, goals, mountain climbing, tommy caldwell

  • Choosing Base Layer for Cold, Windy Winter Snow Storms

    Posted on January 11, 2013 by Outersports

    Man tries to withstand the wind in cold winter blizzard Facing the Wind During an Idaho Blizzard

    Snow is falling heavy on Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado tonight, and the wind is howling, driving the temperature to a bone chilling 7 degrees. Last week the temperature dropped down to 7 below 0 but the wind chill today just makes it feel so much colder.

    A blizzard is no time to be outside but if you must, you can be ready to stay warm.  Here are a few helpful tips for choosing the right thermal base layer clothing for the job:

    Base Layer Technologies

    Choose base layer clothing based on your activity level and the temperature outside.  Designers from our top brands like Minus33 and ColdPruf have developed ways to use base layer to keep you comfortable and warm using powerful thermal technologies.

    The Cross-Country Skier
    Let's say you made a new years resolution to cross country ski every Saturday, despite the weather.  You'll need a high performance base layer, suited for high activity.  That's where the innovative ColdPruf Platinum performance line comes in, an advanced blend of 30% merino wool for maximum warmth and 70% CPT performance polyester to wick moisture and keep you dry.

    The Winter Worker

    On the other hand, if you're working a low activity day in the military, mining, agriculture, or construction industry, you'll probably want a base layer suited for medium to low activity - something that keeps you warm at idle but breathes well, and fast drying, to keep you dry when you really need to work up a sweat.  Many of our mining and military customers choose to wear polypropylene thermal underwear as their preferred base layer for these very reasons.

    High Adventure

    Finally, if you're an avid high adventure buff, taking on the most extreme winter conditions, you should really consider the Minus33 100% Merino Wool base layer.  It's so so comfortable, you wear it day and night.  More importantly, its wick technology helps you perform in changing activity levels coupled with it's brute warmth no matter the temperature.

    The Cold Office

    If you work in a warehouse or poorly heated office, or even one that gets chilly on a cold blizzard day, consider light-weight thermal underwear. These super-comfortable yet light-weight 100% merino wool thermals are just right for keeping you toasty when it's a little cool in the office. Soft and warm, yet light enough that you won't overheat. They're perfect for a hike in the mountains on a cool fall day too.

    This post was posted in Clothing Layers, Winter Blizzard and was tagged with base layer, clothing layers, hat, wind breaker, winter blizzard

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    Posted on August 9, 2012 by Outersports

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    July was the hottest month in the history of the US so we're launching this Heatwave Cool Down to help you stay dry and cool!

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    This post was posted in Stay Dry

  • Snowmobiling - What Should I Wear?

    Posted on May 25, 2006 by Outersports

    The first time I went snowmobiling, I wore a nice thick layer of thermal underwear under some cotton sweat pants and a hoodie sweatshirt. It was pretty cold outside and I had heard that, while snowmobiling, the wind chill factor can make things even frostier. I had also purchased what I thought was the perfect snowmobile suit. It was one piece suit that zipped up the front and was about an inch thick with insulation. I didn't have any special snow boots so I just wore my hiking boots with some extra thick socks. All set right? Well, not everything worked out for me as I had planned.

    When we hit the trail, I was sure warm. In fact, I wore the one piece suit along for the ride to the trail so by the time I got out of the truck, I was beginning to sweat a little. We hadn't snowmobiled long before I found myself stuck in a deep snowbank. I didn't think it was a big deal until I started trying to dig the 500+ lb. machine out. After some time and with a lot of help from my friend I found myself unstuck and sitting on my snowmobile with a cloud of steam rising from my head. I was now hot, sweaty, and exhausted. Also, snow had gotten packed all down into my boots so my feet were now wet. Without drawing this experience out too long, I did have a blast snowmobiling. But, in the end, my rear was soaked, my feet were frozen, and all of that warm thermal underwear I had put on was completely wet with sweat making my entire body chilled to the bone.

    So, here are some tips to avoid these pitfalls. First, wear layers that are easy to remove. Many snowmobile pants have full zippers down the legs so that you can remove them easily. Second, do not wear anything cotton. Wear polypropylene underwear or some other synthetic quick drying underwear so that after you're done sweating from digging your machine out, you dry out quickly. Third, your outer layer should be waterproof and breathable. If it isn't, you rear will be soggy and cold. Lastly, you will want to wear boots that have waterproof soles. You will also want to make sure they come up to at least mid calf so that you can pull your pants down over them. While you are sitting on a snowmobile, your pant legs will ride up exposing your calves to the cold.

    A few other helpful tips include wearing a helmet with a face shield. If you don't have a face shield, you will want to wear a windstopper balaclava or something similar that will completely block the wind from your face. The cold combined with the wind from riding can really freeze your skin.

    This post was posted in Clothing Layers, Polypropylene Underwear, Snowmobiling, Thermal Underwear

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