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Long Underwear For Snowshoeing That Provides The Best Performance

Posted on October 25, 2012 by There have been 0 comments

Long Underwear - Snowshoeing Requires Excellent Moisture Management

Are you new to winter sports like snowshoeing? If so, you may not know much about proper long underwear. The first rule of thumb for high endurance winter sports is no 100% cotton. Cotton absorbs too much moisture. Cotton also does not retain heat when wet. That moisture next to your skin reduces your body temperature. Prolonged exposure can lower your body temperature to the point of hypothermia. There are much better materials for managing moisture during high endurance winter activities like snowshoeing. Merino wool, polypropylene, and polyester long underwear all do an excellent job managing moisture. They also have the ability to retain your body's natural warmth even if you sweat a lot or happen to get wet. With snowshoeing being such a high endurance activity, you're going to sweat.

Long Underwear - Weather Conditions A Factor In What To Wear

Enjoy your snowshoeing experience more with performance long underwear Performance Long Underwear for Snowshoeing

This may seem like a no brainer, but if the sun is out and the temperatures are just above the freezing range, you wouldn't need to wear the warmest long underwear available. Long underwear is typically made in three different different weights so that you can choose the appropriate weight for the weather conditions of the day. On those super cold days, you would want to choose long underwear in the heavy weight range. It is also sometimes referred to as expedition weight. For warmer sunny winter days, lightweight long underwear would be ideal. Anything in between you would want to go with a mid weight long underwear base layer. I would say that midweight is probably the most commonly worn thermal underwear just because it is more versatile in the world of winter activities. For most climates it performs really well. For colder climates, you may not be as comfortable in midweight long underwear, but comfortable enough. In warmer temperatures, most people can stand to be a little warmer. Make sense?

Long Underwear - High End And Low End Options

When it comes to price comparison, the fabrics used to make mens and womens long underwear can vary greatly. This is based on the availability and cost to produce the fabric. Please keep in mind that the cost does not reflect the performance or quality of the garment. In fact all of the fabrics I mention here are excellent performance fabrics. The difference is as I mentioned before. Availability and cost to produce the material. On the high end of the spectrum you have merino wool long underwear. 100% merino wool is the perfect natural fabric for long thermal underwear. It is super soft unlike traditional wool. It insulates very well and it wicks sweat and keeps you dry when wet.

On the lower end you have polymers or plastics like polypropylene and polyester. Polyester and polypropylene long underwear are both very inexpensive but, they both are high performance materials. Polypropylene absorbs less water than any other fabric and it retains more heat than any other fabric. Polyester is similar, but doesn't perform quite as well in the areas mentioned.

With your new knowledge of the best materials for performance long underwear, you can get the right long underwear and enjoy your time outdoors this winter.

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