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Winter Sports

  • Camelbak Hydration Systems!

    Posted on June 28, 2006 by Justin

    When You Take Hydration Seriously, Camelbak Has Your Back Covered

    As the originators of the world leading hands-free hydration systems backpacks, Camelbak's name is synonymous to the desert camel that travels extensively through arid regions, with a unique source of nourishment contained within the humps on their back!

    The Camelbak hydration systems work in the same manner, where many sports enthusiasts such as mountain and motocross riders have openly adopted this hands-free convenience of Camelbak's unique systems. When it came to safety at all levels of their sport, a Camelbak hydration system was a popular necessity.

    With more athletes taking their sport to the extreme knowing that they can count on a reputable hydrating system, they were capable of concentrating more on their activities, versus worrying about where to find their next water source to get hydrated. Soon the Camelbak backpacks became so popular, a great number of different athletic groups adopted the same hydrating convenience as the mountain and motocross bikers!

    Before you knew it, not only were there cyclists using these systems, however, now you noticed more hikers, runners, snowboarders, skiers, and outdoorsmen increasing the use of these Camelbak packs, and experiencing their true benefits.

    Why Would You Choose A Camelbak Hydration Pack Over Others Out There?

    Sports in the new millennium have become more extreme, and many athletes are pushing their physical abilities harder than ever before. So when it comes to maintaining their energy levels, strength, dexterity, and their all-important mental focus, then a proper hydration system to keep them fully hydrated during their intense activity was a must. The bottom line is if the Camelbak's are good enough for the majority of the US Marines, and Army, then they're sufficient for many professional, and intense leisure athletes out there!

    How Much Water Should You Drink, And How Much Do These Packs Hold?

    On average it's recommended that many athletes that are exerting moderate energy in approximately 80° degree weather or hotter, should consume a minimum of one litre of water per hour.

    Keeping that in mind, if you plan on spending an entire day on large mountainous trails, or in that isolated marathon where you're not going to have access to any water sources, then the appropriate hydration system to accommodate your needs will be required, and you can view a select few of popular packs below:

    · Camelbak H.A.W.G.® 100 oz. Hydration Pack: The H.A.W.G. is the best choice for mountain bike riders that are looking to spend most of their day on the most extreme terrain. With a 100 0z reservoir bladder with tethered cap, and the taste-free Pure Flow™ tube- incorporating in the polyethylene liner, your water will be tasting fresh, and keeping cool with the 5 mm cell phone insulation for the best body absorbtion while you're hitting those challenging trails. You will feel confident that the Ergo Hydrolock that places the Camelbak's Big Bite Valve™ in the ergonomic position will maintain a proper position for drinking!

    Combined with the strap management system, slider sternum straps, and the Air Director™ back panel that provides an AirMesh harness for proper ventilation, you will have not only the most effective hydration system, but also a very stable and comfortable backpack with tons of storage for all your biking accessories, and additional reservoirs.

    · Camelbak M.U.L.E.® 100 oz. Hydration Pack: This pack is very similar to the one above, but the M.U.L.E. has very little differences that cater to the ultimate hiker. It's comfortable enough for hikers that plan on spending many hours on the trails, and it offers plenty of space for storage. This pack includes one more zippered compartment with a total of 3, a Bungee Cinch System™ that allows you to lash on additional gear, and 2 mesh overflow compartments for more storage space. With 500 cubic inches, you will have no worries about taking all the necessities required to get you through any weather that comes your way.

    There are other models available with many water hydration system options, and if you don't require a reservoir as large, you can find a selection of smaller ones to suite your athletic needs.

    Remember this one tip! Only being in the sun for a couple of hours without consuming enough fluids can quickly drain your energy level and impair your endurance, and can prevent you from keeping focused and alert while participating in very extreme activities, especially in hot weather.

    A hydration system, including the highly recognized Camelbak system is a great solution to your hydrating requirements. It carries more clean fresh water than the standard water bottles, or canteens, and I highly recommend that the Camelbak should be your choice over many of the other systems available online, and reason for this is that they only do one thing, and that is making the best hydration systems!

    About the author: William is the owner and Author of "Hydration" - your source for Camelbak Hydration Backpacks! Visit our site to read informative articles on quality Camelbak systems that come in a variety of backpack styles and options for all your hydrating needs.

    This post was posted in Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Outdoor Gear, Winter Sports

  • Snowshoeing - What Should I Wear?

    Posted on May 25, 2006 by Justin

    I'm slowly going down my list of outdoor activities and posting what to wear. Until I get to this one, feel free to add your own comment if you have an expertise in this area.

    This post was posted in Clothing Layers, Snowshoeing, Winter Sports

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