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Merino Wool Base Layer for Men and Women

Merino wool is the best natural fiber for thermal base layer preferred by outdoor experts across the globe, including skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, hikers, miners, construction workers, and the US military. These groups would all agree that the best base layer clothing to have in the cold is merino wool.

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Largest Selection of Base Layer

Outersports.com carries one of the largest selection of merino wool long underwear available on the internet. Choose from many different styles of base layer thermal underwear, and get just the right set for your needs. As always, feel free to call us or email us with any questions.

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Another great fact about Merino wool is that even though it is an extremely soft and comfortable wool base layer, it is also very durable. Our cheap to buy merino underwear base layer wool clothing will last a long time with proper care. Along with our best wool clothing being extremely soft and durable, our exceptional merino wool base layer and underwear clothing is also naturally breathable. Our men and women wool base layers will stay warm and breathable even when wet so you know your body will always be protected. No one wants that clammy feeling you often get with warm, wool clothes that don’t breath. Our base layers for men and women are the best base layers made with merino wool. We promise you will love our soft and comfortable wool clothing and will love our cheap prices. You have found the best merino wool base layer clothing here. Get set up and get out and enjoy the world.

Merino Wool

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