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  • Labor Day Sale Weekend

    Outersports is offering a fantastic Labor Day Sale Weekend. We are offering incredible discounts and savings on a variety of products. Our highlighted sales is on socks and Klim apparel. The Steel Toe Work Socks from Fox River are discounted up to 30% off. Over the calf boot socks and [...]

  • The Most Expensive Golf Shot Ever

    Sergio Garcia may have taken the most expensive golf shot ever during the World Bridgestone Invitational tournament on Sunday. Garcia was currently leading the tournament going into the third tee shot on the third hole when he took the fateful swing.

    His drive not only missed the fairway, but hooked left [...]

  • Getting lost in Nature?

    Get Lost in Nature?

    Just a friendly reminder to be safe. Finding yourself in nature by getting lost in nature is a metaphor and not smart reality. Plan ahead an know where you are going. Take an appropriate map, compass, and/or gps device and know how to use them.
    Every year [...]

  • 8 Awesome Camping Hacks

    We at Outersports have scoured through the internet and tried several ideas to find which awesome camping hacks work the best. We've gathered together 8 awesome camping hacks into one place for you to try out.

    Burning dry bundles of sage in your campfire, or even spreading some smoke around your [...]

  • Ways to Cool Down

    In the heat of the summer it can be difficult to find ways to cool down without spending money on expensive air conditioning units. We've put together a short list of ideas to help you cool down and beat the summer heat.

    Rule number 1 is to always stay hydrated [...]

Enjoy Winter with the Proper Outerwear

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, many outdoor enthusiasts begin to look forward to the excitement of the winter season. While winter may not bring excitement to all, there are still many men, women & children who love the outdoors and who also understand that with the right gear, outdoor fun doesn’t have to end just because the temperature drops. Whether you have a passion for golf, or extreme winter sports, arming yourself with the best clothing for cold weather allows the fun to continue long after the snow starts falling.

Warm Clothing for Cold Climates

The avid golfer understands that golf season doesn’t wait for the weather to cooperate. The golf season begins long before the temperature soars, and lingers long after it drops. For these avid sportsmen, the thermal underwear golfers wear allows them to stay warm without restraining their swinging motion.

The best part is that the best thermal underwear golf players wear tends to be the best winter underwear for men and women of all winter sports. Once the right winter underwear is in place, cover it up with athletic tops for men and your clothing for cold weather doesn’t have to cause you to lose your cool. Whether you live in a climate that is cold year round, or you are trying to gear up for the long winter months ahead, make sure you have the right clothing to help you enjoy the beauty and fun of the winter season.