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  • Long Johns

    As the seasons change the springtime months ahead can bring unpredictable weather. A frost covered morning can lead to a bright and sunny day that can unexpectedly shift to gusts of wind and rain. However changing the weather can be, it's time for spring cleanup. Whether you work outdoors for [...]

  • Do It Yourself Water Filtration

    Whether you are a survivalist, hiker, or camper you need to plan for hydration. It's not always convenient to pack in your own water in with you. Sometimes your water supply might run out or get contaminated. If that happens, you should know how to filter your water and purify [...]

  • Long Underwear from Long Ago

    Around the year 3300 BC, a primitive man now known as Otzi, or the "Iceman", lived among the mountains near Italy. In 1991 the preserved body of Otzi was discovered mostly frozen in a high ice form. What was most exciting was that most of his clothing and survival gear [...]

  • Rockies Family Adventures - Family Camping

    Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies!
    Have child and have not slowed down! This blog seeks to chronicle the joys and challenges of taking kids hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing, biking, paddling and all-out exploring in the Canadian Rockies.
    This week's outdoor blogger is from the rocky mountains near Calgary Canada. Tanya [...]

  • 100% Merino Wool Expedition Thermal Underwear

    Don't let the cold months leave you feeling chilly! While the bison may have a nice layer of fur on the outside, that doesn't mean you can't stay just as warm. By adding a layer under your regular outerwear you will provide yourself with an extra layer that will [...]

Enjoy Winter with the Proper Outerwear

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, many outdoor enthusiasts begin to look forward to the excitement of the winter season. While winter may not bring excitement to all, there are still many men, women & children who love the outdoors and who also understand that with the right gear, outdoor fun doesn’t have to end just because the temperature drops. Whether you have a passion for golf, or extreme winter sports, arming yourself with the best clothing for cold weather allows the fun to continue long after the snow starts falling.

Warm Clothing for Cold Climates

The avid golfer understands that golf season doesn’t wait for the weather to cooperate. The golf season begins long before the temperature soars, and lingers long after it drops. For these avid sportsmen, the thermal underwear golfers wear allows them to stay warm without restraining their swinging motion.

The best part is that the best thermal underwear golf players wear tends to be the best winter underwear for men and women of all winter sports. Once the right winter underwear is in place, cover it up with athletic tops for men and your clothing for cold weather doesn’t have to cause you to lose your cool. Whether you live in a climate that is cold year round, or you are trying to gear up for the long winter months ahead, make sure you have the right clothing to help you enjoy the beauty and fun of the winter season.